Section 8

The Baker County Housing Assistance Program was established by the County Commission in 1974 to provide rental assistance to eligible families through the newly created Section 8 Program. The local program has changed with Section 8 and since the 1st of October 2001 we have administered our allotted vouchers under The Housing Choice Voucher Program exclusively. The purpose of this program, like all HUD programs is to provide decent, safe and affordable housing for eligible families. The major differences between Section 8 and Public Housing are that the eligible family rents from a private landowner anywhere in the county, and must arrange for and maintain their utilities. As with Public Housing eligibility, the order of selection is established through the application process. The date of application is the normal determinant in your placement on the waiting list, however your application must be complete, in every regard, to be placed on the list. “The Section 8 waiting list is now open“. BCHAP maintains a local preference. They include the following:

Near Elderly
Working Families

Once verified, a preference will promote an application over predated applications not having a preference.

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