Public Housing

Public Housing was established nationally, by Congress in 1937, and locally, by the City of Macclenny Board of Commissioners in 1967. The purpose then, as now, is to provide decent, safe and affordable housing for qualifying low-income families and individuals. To this end, Macclenny Housing Authority maintains and administers its own housing stock on three sites within the city limits. These eighty units are comprised of 1 through 5 bedroom duplex apartments and detached homes. Eligibility for housing and order of selection is established through the application process. The date of application is the normal determinant in your placement on the waiting list, however your application must be complete, in every regard, to be placed on the list. MHA maintains a local preference. They include the following:

Near Elderly

In addition to the above, we also give preference to the disabled single person and, victims of domestic violence. Once verified, a preference will promote an application over predated applications not having a preference.

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